It’s Official

Well last week I promised picture proof, below you have it.  As you can see, I was pretty pumped; it’s been a longggg winter..  The stripers are finally here.  Great time for those who are land-based to catch some nice fish, the best time really.  There’s something about the simplicity of being able to bring 6 lures and a rod and go down to your local ‘spot’ and catch some fish, even if they’re mostly small.  The fish below fell for an Albie Snax in amber, with a weighed screw on type hook.  Those lures are killer, for a number of species.  This time of year is also great for honing in on the fly rod skills, with a good possibility of being able to catch fish even if your cast is a mere 20 ft.

If you really want a shot at some big fish (and who doesn’t?), you gotta head to the Housatonic or CT rivers.  That zoo is not my cup of tea, but it sure is tempting.  They get a good herring run, and the big fish are on them.  The sharpies of that area tell me the next two weeks will be top notch bass fishing.   I think I’ll give it a shot once this year, report to follow of course.

Unlike last year, I actually haven’t spotted any herring in Fairfield county areas yet. Hopefully they show up soon…  Either way, if they don’t, the bunker definitely will be, and we all know what that means.IMG_2822



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