Bass Are In, Weather Looking Good

The title says it all. I have multiple reports of slot fish in our local waters, the ‘little’ rivers & estuaries west of the Housie, as well as fish on the North Shore of lown guyland. Yours truly has struck out 0 for 3, albeit I’m holding off on hitting some of my money spots … Continue reading Bass Are In, Weather Looking Good

Long Island Sound Water Quality Report Card

'Save the Sound' publishes an annual water quality rating for different sub segments of the Sound. It is a very intersting read, albeit not super surprising which segments of the sound have cleaner, and dirtier, water. You can download the full report via the link below. As fisherman, or even boaters, or even someone who … Continue reading Long Island Sound Water Quality Report Card

2022 Spring Run Season in the Rearview

With the summer solstice now nearly a month th ago, the days are officially getting shorter, and summer has begun while spring has concluded. Similarly, while it’s not a ‘black and white’ transition, the fishing trends have begin to shift. First off, let’s start with a recap of the season from collective shared reports as … Continue reading 2022 Spring Run Season in the Rearview

Rites of Spring

One of the the coolest things about the striped bass is the variety of their territory, starting with the backwaters: small creeks, brackish rivers, ponds, marshes and estuaries. On the other end of the spectrum, the stripers are more known for their habitat in rough surf and open ocean up and down the eastern seaboard. … Continue reading Rites of Spring

September Report & Tightlined Slam

Bass fishing has been very good locally: both jigging in deeper water and casting a variety of lures in shallow fast-current areas. The weather remains pretty warm, but we are starting to have nights intro the 50s, which is kicking up the aggressiveness of bass and blues in a major way. Bottomfishing is also still … Continue reading September Report & Tightlined Slam

American Chaos, Fish Don’t Seem to Mind

2020 continues to be a bit of a sh**show in the world and our country. So much polarization, violence, hate, it’s truly a sad time. Fishing is a nice reprise from it all and an escape. To go outside and watch the sunset, watch the tides roll in and out, and watch fish feed, is … Continue reading American Chaos, Fish Don’t Seem to Mind

Schoolies for Days

Well spring started off with a bang in early April. Some herring moved in and a few (very few) got onto a hot upriver bite in early/mid April. Then it got cold, and wet. Really wet. 2 solid weeks of cold rain pretty much mid April. It’s been a cold spring. Sound familiar? JUST like … Continue reading Schoolies for Days

Quarantine Angling Report #2

Quarantine goes on, the first round of the pandemic is supposedly waning slightly, and fish are still chewin’. Weird times is all I can say. As I said in my last post, we are lucky this hobby of ours can be done safely while distancing, just make sure to use common sense. Onto the fishing. … Continue reading Quarantine Angling Report #2

2022 Season Summed Up & Spring Stoke

I hope my readers, if anyone actually reads this, are having a nice relaxing winter. I think we can all agree it’s been extremely mild one. I, for one, am thinking about early spring Striper stalking: seeking out new spots, urban fishing, often at night, looking for rogue hungry bass. But before we get to … Continue reading 2022 Season Summed Up & Spring Stoke