Fall Species Report

The fall has been good!  The consensus is that albies have now left our area.  It was a really good un in my opinion.  We saw the typical trend of the false albacore moving east to west, and infiltrating inshore into the harbors, islands, and even into the rivers by October.   As usual, there were a lot of boats out there on weekends.  Moving away from the crowds pays off, as they get really skittish when there are 15 boats following them around.  If I learned on thing this year, it’s about accuracy with these fish.  False albacore seem to corral baitfish into a tight area.  Then they take turns shooting through the schools of baitfish on the surface, mouth wide open, inhaling as much nutrients as they can in one pass through the school.  You need to place your offering RIGHT in that school to have a chance.  Their attention is simply nowhere else except that area where they trap the bait.  It’s a fun thing to watch for sure, and a fun species to target.

Stripers: I have not been focusing on the bass that much yet, but that’s going to change.  Water is really cooling down, the temperatures have nosedived.  Our rivers are loaded with bait as usual, and they’re going to start getting pushed out once the temperature hits the magic spot.  It’s already happening, and guys are catching some nice fish.  I’ve had a few outings targeting my favorite structures, and haven’t gotten any nice ones since August believe it or not.  That will all change soon though.  Adult bunker are around some days, others they’re not.  Not sure where they’re going, but if you happen to be around during a strong tide and there are bunker around structure, by bet is that they’re going to be getting hammered.

Blackfish: All reports are solid.  I did well in 15 feet of water, other friends are doing well in the same depth.  Party boats are hammering away at the fish in our local rock piles and wrecks as usual, killing every last fish they can.

We have a good month left of fishing.  Blackfish and bass await.

November is the month you can get into stupid good, easy, bass fishing.  Finding bigger fish is more tricky.  Fishing around new moons, fast currents, early morning and later afternoon will help.  Fishing structure always produces big ones, or fishing the schools under birds will get it done if you can get your bait past the little guys.  It’s always a learning experience, the fish don’t play by any rules.

Tight lines!




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