Spring ‘23 Bass Boondoggle

The spring season has been really good, no two ways about it. Things kicked off with a mild winter and equally as temperate water. We had a strong April bite in the shallows. Then, the bite at the reefs kicked off as bunker filtered In. We have been treated to sunrise Topwater blitzes sprinkled in … Continue reading Spring ‘23 Bass Boondoggle


New Boat, Killer Start to the Season

Norwalk Islands fishing has officially upgraded to a larger vessel, to make guided trips as well as personal use more comfortable, accomodate more anglers, and increase my range. I am running a 21 Seacraft Open Fisherman this year-I've looked for one of these for over a year now due to the seaworthiness, and layout which … Continue reading New Boat, Killer Start to the Season

Long Island Sound Water Quality Report Card

'Save the Sound' publishes an annual water quality rating for different sub segments of the Sound. It is a very intersting read, albeit not super surprising which segments of the sound have cleaner, and dirtier, water. You can download the full report via the link below. As fisherman, or even boaters, or even someone who … Continue reading Long Island Sound Water Quality Report Card