Summer fishing and TIGHTLINED Tournament 2022

Hey folks, the summer was so-so to fantastic depending on who you asked. So-so bassing for me. I spent a handful of weekends fishing out east as well, and landed some monstrous bass there and other interesting catches. Night plugging was weak for me, we had some good early morning trips, and late summer we … Continue reading Summer fishing and TIGHTLINED Tournament 2022

2022 Spring Run Season in the Rearview

With the summer solstice now nearly a month th ago, the days are officially getting shorter, and summer has begun while spring has concluded. Similarly, while it’s not a ‘black and white’ transition, the fishing trends have begin to shift. First off, let’s start with a recap of the season from collective shared reports as … Continue reading 2022 Spring Run Season in the Rearview

Rites of Spring

One of the the coolest things about the striped bass is the variety of their territory, starting with the backwaters: small creeks, brackish rivers, ponds, marshes and estuaries. On the other end of the spectrum, the stripers are more known for their habitat in rough surf and open ocean up and down the eastern seaboard. … Continue reading Rites of Spring