June Boom




What a few weeks it has been!  There’s a reason I have not posted much on here, and that’s because I have hardly had time to breathe.  Between work and fishing and trying to maintain a semblance of a healthy civilian lifestyle, it’s been a whirlwind in a good way.  The fishing has just been great, the weather is perfect, and this is the reason why June is my favorite month of the year.  Soak it in my friends, step outside and smell the scents of spring blooms and feel the temperate breezes.

Here are a few of the trends I’m seeing:

  1. Mid sound rules during daylight hours.  This is not good news for the shore-based fisherman, but I like to tell it how it is.  Between sunup and sunset, the best fishing I’ve experienced has been in deep water (greater than 25 feet) behind the Norwalk islands, on our favorite bait, the bunker.  The fish go where the bait is, and the bunker have been really prevalent.  All the species from bunker, bass and blues are moving west to east, and they come in waves.  Daytime Plugging in the islands has slowed down quite a bit for me in the last few weeks, since the week before memorial day.  Maybe those fish that were on herring and other spawning small bait moved out for the big bait, who knows.
  2.   Night time is the right time-Contrary to my statement above, the bite has been ON once the sun goes down.  Each night trip I’m averaging 4 quality fish myself in the shallows, over just a couple hours.  Last week I had a trip with two fish over 30 pounds (biggest at 35), and about 3 other legal fish too.  This is all in shallow water rips, about 10 feet of water.
  3. Gator Season-Blues have showed up big time.  I haven’t seen them this thick in a few years.  I often times will run out behind the islands to mid sound, and chase bunker schools.  This type of fishing involves casting lures or flies around schools of bunker, supplemented by ‘the real thing’, that is, live lining bunker around these schools.  Ever since last Saturday 6/2, these schools of menhaden (bunker) have been dominated by blues.  There are bass around for sure, but you have to seed through the blues, and often times you have to find the RIGHT school of bunker, or get your bait below the bluefish who tend to be more energetic, voracious surface feeds.  For that matter, just fish for bluefish!  It’s a hell of a lot of fun, they can be good to eat if prepared correctly (and are the right size) and it makes for a terrific gamefish.

Hope everyone is having fun and catching fish.  We have a new moon this week upcoming.  For those that know my fishing style, they know I am moon crazy.  I firmly believe your best shot at trophy fish comes during new moons and full moons, and my results in the past have affirmed that.  Translation: I’m going to try and fish a lot and catch big fish this week, and I think you should too.


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