Early Fall Update and LOCAL TOURNAMENT

First and foremost, for those of you who don’t know, there is an awesome local tournament this weekend organized by an acquaintance of mine Taylor Ingraham, the Tightlined Slam. Link here: https://www.tightlinedslam.com if you’re fishing this weekend, you may as well grab a few buddies, join the tournament to benefit conservation, and give yourself a chance at the cup. The prizes and entry Schwag is awesome in and of itself.

Now, for the report. As I predicted in my last post, this was THE year we had the return of Bonito. We also had Spanish mackerel in our waters. Really exciting for the fishery. They may be all gone for the year but it’s the first time they’ve been around in about 12 years so pretty cool stuff. FYI I wasn’t fishing hard that long ago, this is what I’m told. Pics below.

Not many people are focusing on Bass this time of year. But I’ve had some great mornings/nights, particularly when we get a cold front. I’m looking forward to more striper fishing using flies and lures, mostly topwater, this fall. The bassing in the islands has been better than it was all spring and summer in my opinion.

And last but definitely NOT least, the Albies are in! What a great time of year it is. The action has been moreso on the Long Island side of the pond, but not completely. I would say it’s been an open water bite for sure, tough for shore based anglers or kayakers unfortunately. If past years predict this year, we should soon have the funny fish local in the islands though. Even in shallow water, pushing bait against shorelines. It can be pretty wild and unique. Pics of fat alberts below.  If any readers are interested in a charter to do the kind of fishing I’m writing about, check the guiding section of my site.

Tight linesi


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