No Bad News!

As the title states, I don’t really have bad news to report. Fishing this Past weekend was on fire. The bass have been blitzing for weeks. Mostly small fish, sure, but fun easy fishing. From the rivers and estuaries in your backyard to out front in the sound around islands shorelines and open water. If you want big fish, skip the blitzes under birds and find the rips and fast current areas, nastiest rockiest most treacherous ones you can find. The full moon turned things on for us this past week. Now we have another storm rolling in making it unfishable until the weekend (nice how it worked out that way 2 weeks in a row!).

The blackfishing was pretty great for me on Saturday. I only know what I know, but it was good for me. 15 feet of water roughly, mostly incoming tide. Limit to 21 inches / 8 lbs and threw back keepers . Had a spot in mind, it was packed with boats. Tried a new one (albeit close to a very well knon spot), had some really good structure on the fishfinder, gave it a shot and did well.

As for Albies, they’re still here but they are on the ‘strong island’ side of the pond. I hope they come here, I’m tired of the long bumpy runs and refueling every few days with my small tank. I’ve spotted a few really sparse pods on the CT side but that’s it.

Tight lines, send me your reports if you got ’em, and enjoy the fish porn


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