Bass Are In, Weather Looking Good

The title says it all. I have multiple reports of slot fish in our local waters, the ‘little’ rivers & estuaries west of the Housie, as well as fish on the North Shore of lown guyland. Yours truly has struck out 0 for 3, albeit I’m holding off on hitting some of my money spots … Continue reading Bass Are In, Weather Looking Good

Rites of Spring

One of the the coolest things about the striped bass is the variety of their territory, starting with the backwaters: small creeks, brackish rivers, ponds, marshes and estuaries. On the other end of the spectrum, the stripers are more known for their habitat in rough surf and open ocean up and down the eastern seaboard. … Continue reading Rites of Spring

Quarantine Angling Report #2

Quarantine goes on, the first round of the pandemic is supposedly waning slightly, and fish are still chewin’. Weird times is all I can say. As I said in my last post, we are lucky this hobby of ours can be done safely while distancing, just make sure to use common sense. Onto the fishing. … Continue reading Quarantine Angling Report #2