A Spring we will not Soon Forget

Well, it’s a sad time as we’re living through a pandemic of a magnitude our country hasn’t experienced in the last hundred years.  Theres no two ways about it. I hope all my readers and their families are healthy although I know it’s unlikely the COVID hasn’t touched some of you or your friends/family.  

I’ve tried my hand at fishing the local trout rivers, and fishing for holdovers in March, Without much luck on either front. I’m not experienced in either of those fisheries so it’s not much of a surprise I didn’t do well, and frankly It doesn’t excite me much.

The good news is the bass have arrived in Western CT. Cormorants, ospreys, egrets and a variety of waterbirds are are starting to filter in.  Herring have been making their way upriver to safe spawning grounds for weeks, and small baitfish/shrimp are filtering in as well. I caught my first fish on Saturday the 29th, the earliest I’ve ever gotten a local (non holdover) fish. This couldn’t come any sooner in these trying times, and I’ve welcomed the opportunity to get fresh air with a purpose. If you’re wondering if it’s time to start fishing in the saltwater, the answer is yes. Way upriver on incoming rides for bass chasing herring, and in the estuary mouths on the outgoing. If you read my stuff you know the story.   The warm days/nights are best right now, but by all means get out there, and let me know what you’re seeing. This time of year in Fairfield County you’ll have equal opportunity from shore and vessel.  The bite under dock lights, bridges and drain culverts at night is going to heat up soon too.

It may go without saying, but guided trips with me are on hold for the time being. Please keep your distance to fellow fisherman, and it’s best to ride alone or only with others you’re isolating with. If you need to buy gear, have it shipped or shop beforehand online and pickup at Fisherman’s world. My heart goes out to those affected by this terrible disease, hospital employees, first responders and others with essential jobs on the front lines.



5 thoughts on “A Spring we will not Soon Forget

  1. Hey James,

    Awesome to hears the good news!!

    I’ve been doing a ton of freshwater fishing but have been patiently waiting for the saltwater bite to turn on. I was wondering if you had any good spots to fish from the shore. I’ve got a few in mind upstream on the Housatonic but wanted to see if you had any ideas?





    1. Hey Mac-unfortunately I can’t give away spots over the Internet, particularly in an overcrowded state with not much public shore access. If you read my early spring report it should give you an idea of what kind of structure and areas to look for… a little trial and error and you’ll find em


  2. 👍😀

    Mark Riser
    Family Office Management LLC
    (dictated via software from tiny screen)
    Ridgefield, CT



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