Quarantine Angling Report #2

Quarantine goes on, the first round of the pandemic is supposedly waning slightly, and fish are still chewin’. Weird times is all I can say. As I said in my last post, we are lucky this hobby of ours can be done safely while distancing, just make sure to use common sense.

Onto the fishing. We had a burst of really good fishing (big fish for this early too). Bass are still around but the big ones have eluded me for a few weeks. The weather has cooled down. This was the first morning on my boat ever that I was breaking a thin layer of ice pulling out of my slip. Per usual stripers are in the rivers, marshes etc. Find fast current and/or some kind of structure in these environments, and work the water column. Three essentials you need are an unweighted soft plastic (slug O, albie snax, hogy), a weighted soft plastic on a jighead (1/8-3/4 oz depending on depth), and a swimmer (bomber, mag darter, crystal minnow etc). On Fly rod, a clouser or streamer on intermediate or sinking line. Pics below.

For those of you who do some bottomfishing, I put one day of blackfishing in. I fished a handful of spots from 40-70 feet, the deeper water (60-70) is where I found fish, and even then they were a little reluctant. I managed one quality fish. Those who I talk to have said the same, shallow water has not been producing. The mouth of the housatonic river and new haven have been producing in shallow though, due to warmer water temps outside the river.

Thank you to frontline workers and particularly healthcare workers. If any of my readers are in that category or know an angler who is, please reach out to me directly.


5 thoughts on “Quarantine Angling Report #2

  1. I just want to thank all first Responders and essential workers for all their help. Words cannot express Our appreciation, may God bless you all.
    My son is a A first responder, he works for
    NYPD I can’t wait for motor vehicles to open so I can register my boat and take him out with me fishing, he could use a diversion.
    I’m not sure, Jamie is this your website?
    Carmine Verna
    Pastime club, marina
    Can we drop our boats with the old Registration number.


    1. Hello Jamie, i’ve sent you an email twice and they came back to me. If you get a chance please send me your email address I may have it wrong. I’m very interested in going out with you to learn more about the Norwalk islands and to learn some fishing tTechniques. I am so glad that you offer something like this. Can you please send me your rates. We can go in my boat or yours. I have a new boat this year, I purchased a Trophy Bayliner.
      I spoke to Danny our mechanic from Rex MARINA and I found out his wife has cancer and he’s been taking her for chemo. He’s been out of work for sometime. There in my prayers.
      I hope you and your family are doing well in this Unusual time whop we’re all in. Look forward to seeing you around our Pastime Club.


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