ADHD Fishing, March is the new April

A fishing mentor of mine once said that his spring fishing habits are sort of like that of someone riddled with ADHD: very impatient and constantly moving spots, cycling different lures and flies. That’s what I’ve been feeling like the last week as I’ve started my season. Hitting lots of spots and going back to my plug bag frequently to try new colors & presentations, and also back to my car to move around. However it has paid off finally after a bunch of skunkings.

It seems in late March before the new moon things really kicked off in our local waters with some respectable catches. Then there was a lull, associated with the weaker neap tides and a return to some colder weather. Fast forward to the week of a full moon, some really nice weather, and the fish are ‘horned up again.

I have observed only small bait, primarily silversides. Rumor has it there’s spawning peanut bunker around, weird. I’ve been doing damage on soft plastics on jig heads, swimmers when fish are more aggressive / it’s warmer, and flies on sinking lines. Can’t make much rhyme or reason on color. One night I caught on black/purple flies until my bite died, then switched to a yellow/chartreuse streamer and caught again. Another night I cycled through a whole variety of soft plastics and dark swimmers until finally tying on a cotton candy bomber which elicited a strike on first cast…

All in all the season is off to a good start in terms of the size of fish and quantity. It’s up to us anglers to keep this going by treating the fish with respect, limit fighting time and time out of water, release & revive gently, and don’t get greedy. Enjoy yourselves and be safe out there, don’t take this fishing game too seriously.


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