ADHD Fishing, March is the new April

A fishing mentor of mine once said that his spring fishing habits are sort of like that of someone riddled with ADHD: very impatient and constantly moving spots, cycling different lures and flies. That’s what I’ve been feeling like the last week as I’ve started my season. Hitting lots of spots and going back to … Continue reading ADHD Fishing, March is the new April


2022 Spring Run Season in the Rearview

With the summer solstice now nearly a month th ago, the days are officially getting shorter, and summer has begun while spring has concluded. Similarly, while it’s not a ‘black and white’ transition, the fishing trends have begin to shift. First off, let’s start with a recap of the season from collective shared reports as … Continue reading 2022 Spring Run Season in the Rearview

September Report & Tightlined Slam

Bass fishing has been very good locally: both jigging in deeper water and casting a variety of lures in shallow fast-current areas. The weather remains pretty warm, but we are starting to have nights intro the 50s, which is kicking up the aggressiveness of bass and blues in a major way. Bottomfishing is also still … Continue reading September Report & Tightlined Slam