ADHD Fishing, March is the new April

A fishing mentor of mine once said that his spring fishing habits are sort of like that of someone riddled with ADHD: very impatient and constantly moving spots, cycling different lures and flies. That’s what I’ve been feeling like the last week as I’ve started my season. Hitting lots of spots and going back to … Continue reading ADHD Fishing, March is the new April


Quarantine Angling Report #2

Quarantine goes on, the first round of the pandemic is supposedly waning slightly, and fish are still chewin’. Weird times is all I can say. As I said in my last post, we are lucky this hobby of ours can be done safely while distancing, just make sure to use common sense. Onto the fishing. … Continue reading Quarantine Angling Report #2


You might ask, what's so special about the Norwalk Islands?  The fishing surely doesn't compare to Montauk, Block Island, Eastern Connecticut/Rhode Island or even the Cape, so what's the deal? The answer is that Norwalk Islands are an almost one-of-a kind area in its varied topography that results in a phenomenal, yet difficult, fishing structure.  This … Continue reading About