Bass Are In, Weather Looking Good

The title says it all. I have multiple reports of slot fish in our local waters, the ‘little’ rivers & estuaries west of the Housie, as well as fish on the North Shore of lown guyland. Yours truly has struck out 0 for 3, albeit I’m holding off on hitting some of my money spots … Continue reading Bass Are In, Weather Looking Good


Season Review & Transition Time

As usual, I get way too caught up fishing, working etc., and I am way behind on keeping up this blog. I do publish weekly reports via Rex & Cove Marina’s ‘Harbor Talk,’ so feel free to reach out if you’d like to be added there. Since I have a lot of time and reports … Continue reading Season Review & Transition Time

American Chaos, Fish Don’t Seem to Mind

2020 continues to be a bit of a sh**show in the world and our country. So much polarization, violence, hate, it’s truly a sad time. Fishing is a nice reprise from it all and an escape. To go outside and watch the sunset, watch the tides roll in and out, and watch fish feed, is … Continue reading American Chaos, Fish Don’t Seem to Mind